Some things never change. Today, people are still looking for truth. It’s not enough to know what we believe, but why we believe. We want answers… we want clarity… we want real change… we want to live the right way… we want TRUTH.

Truth in a world that lacks hope is hard to find. So, how do we know when something is REALLY true? We know that truth is REAL when it lines up with what the Bible says and when it’s characteristic of who God is, specifically His character and His perfect will.

Our goal is to REACH out to people who need help, to BUILD people up in their knowledge of God, and to teach people to LIVE the right way, following God daily.

This is who we are, this is what defines us. We invite you to join us and discover your place. Join us in building a growing church, a community of people who want to reach out, build up, and live right.

Vision: Reach, Build, Live