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  1. Why? Why am I like this? What is wrong with me? Why is it that when I come to you to try and get help I feel like nobody cares at all the time there and I don’t matter in the slightest. I’m not part of any of your groups and no one cares if I’m there it doesn’t matter anymore I don’t matter anymore why is it that place full of such caring people can feel so distant it’s so cold I see all the things you do and how much love there is and for some reason I can’t seem to be part of it

  2. 3 Big Questions On the Mind of Every Pastor This Summer!
    Hi Pastor Phillip,

    Here is fascinating read and thought this would be a helpful resource for you:

    “Church Apps Remove Compartmentalization: It’s easy to be a ‘Sunday Christian’ when all that’s required of you is a few hours of your time once a week. For Christianity to be relevant to people’s lives outside of a weekly service, the church needs to meet people where they spend most of their week: with a smartphone in their hand.”

    “Take the Church to the Community: Taking the church to the community and the non-churchgoers of today means getting in to people’s palms. Mobile apps, along with church websites, are likely to be the very first point of contact for potential new churchgoers. It’s a powerful way to connect with the unchurched.”

    Here are some incredible case studies & testimonies:

    Would you have a brief 5-10 min to connect next week?

    Many Blessings,

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