Core Values

Fossil Creek Community Church (fc3) believes that God has called us to reach the people of North Fort Worth. Throughout our history, we have always been interested in telling people about Jesus (evangelism), spending time glorifying Jesus (worship), and growing in our relationship with Jesus (discipleship). We want every person to hear about Jesus.

We have recently undertaken a concerted effort to include many compassion ministries locally and globally. Our vision is that we make an impact in our neighborhood, city, and through our partnerships with missionaries around the world.

Our world is craving truth. We believe that the only way to truly live a dynamic life is to follow the teachings of the Bible. Our vision is to see the Bible applied to all areas of life through discipleship. Making disciples means applying truth to deep questions. We don’t fear questions, but embrace them as opportunities to learn more about God.

Our goals …

  • Reach every person with the knowledge of Jesus
  • Make a disciple of every person we reach
  • Always look to God for guidance
  • Be compassionate

Our methods …

  • Focus on biblical preaching in all areas
  • Allow regular times of worship
  • Encourage intentional discipleship
  • Offering chances for every person to minister
  • Pray