REACH: Student Ministries

REACH Student Ministries

What is Reach Student Ministries?

Reach Student Ministries enthusiastically designs and directs the services, teachings, activities, and events for the junior and senior high students of fc3.

Why does Reach Student Ministries Exist?

Reach Student Ministries exists to fulfill a three-fold purpose:

  1. To REACH upward in prayer, praise, and devotion,
  2. To REACH over and across in order to build a lasting connection with others within the body of Christ, and
  3. To REACH down in order to pick up and draw in those who are sinking in the sea of sin and despair.

When does Reach Student Ministries Meet?

Reach Student Ministries meet as follows:

  1. Wednesday nights from 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM at fc3.
  2. Every 1st Friday of the month, we host all sorts of activities to engage our students and our community.

What does Reach Student Ministries do?

At every service, Reach Student Ministries has a fun time of fellowship, authentic worship, and a biblical message.  Our First Friday Frenzies are intentionally casual and relaxing times, with a focus on fellowship, evangelism, and leadership training. 

For questions about REACH Student Ministries or events, please visit our facebook page or email Pastor Chris.

Contact Information:

For questions about Reach Student Ministries, please contact fc3 Youth Pastor, Christopher Smith, at: or by phone at 817-232-2010, ext. 23.

Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts Department is busy with two to three full productions a year: Kids, District Youth, and National Youth Fine Arts Festival (of the Assemblies of God); music lessons; and special music in the services throughout the year. Our goal and mission is not just to lead the church into worship but to develop musicians within the church to work toward excellence for the Lord.