Small Groups



At fc3, we believe in connecting people with friends, family, & God these are key factors in growing spiritually. Even as fc3 grows, we continue to meet in smaller settings where we can grow spiritually and relationally. This is why everyone is encouraged to get connected in one of our small groups. One of the greatest benefits of small groups is building relationships with those who share your interests.


Small Groups will help you:

  1. BUILD friendships
  2. CONNECT with other people
  3. LEARN more about the Bible
  4. LIFE application


When do groups meet?

Small groups meet in the fall and spring of each year. Most groups meet on the 2nd and 4th week of each month. Small groups meet for about an hour. Groups meet at different times throughout the week so you can find one to fit your schedule. Groups are located in various areas of the city. Small groups of 10-14 people are led by church members in a host’s home.


How do I get involved?

Registration for small groups takes place in August. You will be able to choose which group to join. If you miss sign-ups, there is no need to worry. New groups for new attendees are always starting up. You can also contact the church office at 817-232-2010 to find a group that is right for you. Our goal is to help you find the small group that best fits you. If you are not completely comfortable with the group you visit, you can find a new group by contacting the church office.

Each small group has a “facilitator” and a “host”. If you feel comfortable helping direct a group discussion or just opening up your home for a group to meet please contact the church office.

SALT Small Group                                               West Ft. Worth Small Group

Facilitator: Gary & Gloria Ingram                     Facilitator: Steve McLaurin
Host: Dr. James & Fran Allen                             Host: Steve & Ruthie McLaurin
Meet: Saturday, 4:00 pm                                    Meet: Sunday, 6:00 pm


Keller Small Group                                             Ladies Small Group

Facilitator: Jim Ashley                                        Facilitator: Karen Duncan
Host: Randy & Sharon Teuber                          Host: Cindy Cowan
Meet: Sunday, 6:00 pm                                      Meet: Starting September 26, 7pm, Monday Nights


Lake Worth Small Group                                  Discipleship By Design (Small Group Full)

Facilitator: Pastor Phillip Dow                          Facilitator: Pastor David Duffy
Host: Pastor Phillip & Michelle Dow                Host: fc3
Meet: Sunday, 4:00 pm                                      Meet: Sunday, 7:00 pm