Small Groups



At fc3, we believe connecting people with friends, family, & God are key factors in discipleship. Small Groups are where close relationships develop as people do life together on a personal level. If you are looking to get involved with a small group, browse through our list to find one that is tailored to your interest or need.


To get involved with a small group, contact the church office to get connected to a group that is right for you.

(817) 232-2010


SALT (Age 55+)

Facilitator: Gary & Gloria Ingram

Host: Alan & Sabrina Searsy

Meet: Saturday, 3:00PM

West Fort Worth

Facilitator: Steve McLaurin

Host: Steve & Ruthie McLaurin

Meet: Sunday, 6:00PM


Facilitator: Bryan Pettet

Host: Randy & Sharon Teuber

Meet: Sunday, 6:00PM

East Saginaw

Facilitator: Damian Rosario

Host: Keith & Kim Morris

Meet: Sunday, 4:00PM

Fort Worth

Facilitator: Brad Lawler

Host: David & Mary Davis

Meet: Sunday, 6:00PM

West Saginaw

Facilitator: Steve Hill

Host: Steve & Barb Hill

Meet: Tuesday, 6:00PM




On Campus

Facilitator: Kenny Compton

Host: Alan & Sabrina Searsy

Meet: Wednesday, 7:00PM

Fitness Group

Facilitator: Ryan & Jamie Harwell

Host: Ryan & Jamie Harwell

Meet: Sunday, 7:00PM

Young Adult

Facilitator: Evadne Padilla

Host: Diana Allen

Meet: Monday, 6:00PM

Reach Youth (6th-12th Grade)

Facilitator: Chris Smith

Host: Chris Smith & Bethany Witte

Meet: Sunday, 12:15PM

Ladies Bible Study

Facilitator: Karen Duncan

Host: Sharon Harris

Meet: Monday, 7:00PM

Financial Peace University

Facilitator: Ryan Harwell

Host: David Duffy

Meet: Sunday, 10:10PM